Recent Work

Appventures Screenshot
Appventures Icon
Appventures is a real world escape room app.

Explore new places as the app leads you to fun and challenging puzzles you must solve to move on to the next.

Appventures uses your location, camera, microphone, accelerometer, and other features to create a truly unique and enjoyable experience you'll never forget! VIEW PROJECT
Wedding Films Screenshot
Wedding Films Icon
Wedding Films is a portfolio app for future brides to browse a large selection of wedding films.

The backend utilizes the Vimeo API to pull all video data for a CSV of wedding films, and a simple Rest API so the app can fetch video details and urls.

The app lets you search for your favorite wedding film styles, and play, favorite, and share videos. VIEW PROJECT
A Better Way Screenshot
A Better Way Icon
A Better Way is an Apple TV app for chiropractors to loop the A Better Way feature film and other videos in their waiting rooms.

The backend uses the WooCommerce API to check for an active chiro subscription to allow access to all premium content.

The app is a hybrid app that combines Apple's TVML/TVMLKit JS and Objective-C. VIEW PROJECT
Blitz Apps Screenshot
Blitz Apps Icon
As a client, you will have access to the Blitz App, which is a powerful, convenient tool to help you grow and improve your app.

With it you can view app metrics, review and respond to feedback, chat with customers, send push notifications, and more. VIEW PROJECT
Uncertainty Screenshot
Uncertainty Icon
Uncertainty is an Augmented Reality board game where the identity of your tokens are unknown to your opponent.

Players start with 10 tokens and use the app to assign a secret character to each. Players can only learn the identity of an oppoent's token by attacking it.

Uncertainty is a unique playing experience that combines the use of a physical board and tokens with a mobile app, introducing exciting gameplay mechanics and emergent strategies otherwise impossible in a tabletop game.